Hello! I’m Paul a.k.a “Cactusknax” and thank you for visiting my humble corner of the internet!

I’m a full time content creator, based in Wales, who has streamed on Twitch for around four years now. Having started just before those grim days of a pandemic, the channel has organically grown with an amazing community, and so many opportunities that have come along with it. Through playing a variety of games, random improvisational comedy, and discussing mental health issues, we’ve all come together to build one of the warmest and welcoming communities from the ground up.

Over the years through the platform, I’ve got to collaborate with entertainers from all avenues including comedians, video game voice actors and presenters. I have been included in many charity events including:

  • Twinge Festival – A digital alternative to the Edinburgh Fringe (appeared three years in a row) 
  • Dathlu Twitch Cymru – a collective of of over 50 Welsh content creators all streaming together to raise money (appeared two years in a row)

Over this time, money has been successfully been raised for

  • Mind
  • Samaritans
  • Hope House/Ty Gobaith Children’s Hospices
  • Games For Love

If you’re interested in working with me, then I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me at the bottom of the page, or hit one of the social links provided!


I’ve started to work in the amazing world of voice over. Over the course of my time streaming, it’s been revealed that people like hearing me talk, and figured if that’s the case, this is the way to go.  My ambition is to grow a more solid portfolio, and further myself in a career.

I feel my main strengths lie in narration, as my voice tends to lean toward a deep, bassy tone, with a soothing and calming sound alongside. I would love to work with other avenues, and truly embrace every aspect of working in voiceover. 

There are a few samples below for you to peruse. On top of these, I have also

  • recorded a selection of telephone messages for a global distribution company
  • performed dialogue for a few indie game developers for their projects
  • voiced introductions to fellow streamers for their channels

And Death Shall Have No Dominion” by Dylan Thomas

“An Ode To Osman Spare” by Rebecca Valentine

An excerpt from “The War Of The Worlds” by H.G. Wells


Twitch has been an absolutely vital platform over the past few years, to the point it’s given me opportunities I’d never have thought about before. It started as just a simple hobby, just playing my favourite games at the time, and putting myself out there. Just as I’d started out, we’d all, sadly, been put under a lockdown due to a pandemic. This was a crucial time, as we started meeting new people, sharing similar interests, expressing ideas and collaborating together. Through all of it, we’d built communities and lifetime friendships. It was a place where I personally found I could push my creativity, as a reflection of myself, and experiment with ideas I’d always wanted to try out, but was never sure how. 

The stream has featured such content as:

  • A wide variety of games, from horror, puzzles and role playing games to simulations and full motion video titles.
  • A  weekly commentary show called “Foul Film Friday“, finding old science fiction and horror movies and offering improvised comedy over them.
  • Cookery themed segments discovering food around the world, old cookery shows and hosting live “cookalongs” with guests.

As a guest on other streams:

  • Participated on a number of quiz shows
  • Interviewed for podcasts with different topics
  • Performing in various comedy segments
  • A judge for the Musicvision Contest, a digital alternative to Eurovision that hit Twitch Front Page
  • A contestant for a digital “Escape Room

Outside of the platform, I’ve also been invited to events such as Insomnia, The Gaming Festival, as a Creator, the start of filming my experiences travelling around to events for vlogs. 


I’ve been experimenting with home recording, using new tools to craft different aspects of music. They have been used for streams and various background for vlogs. I’ve previously created tunes on stream, mixing different styles with the help from the community to make it an inclusive effort. 

Currently, I’m in the process of creating a small collection of songs showcasing the different seasons of the year, using guitars and ambient effects. 

I have also taught myself some basics in video editing, using Premiere Pro and After Effects, whilst picking up helpful tips from viewers. It’s a process I really enjoy and can only improve on.